Homestead Rescue

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S5 | E3 | Airdate: 06/26/2019
Husband and father Russ Counter was blown sky high by IED in Afghanistan, and his military career was over. He moved his family to a remote desert homestead in Colorado, in search of a peaceful off grid life. But two years in, Russ & wife Dorothy have no crops, no livestock, inadequate food storage, a bear on the loose and two bored and restless teenage daughters. Marty builds a traditional root cellar, teaching Russ the vital skills that will keep him on his homestead. Misty and mom Dorothy construct a specialty greenhouse to reduce the $300 grocery bill, and Matt tracks a bear, before trying to alleviate the girls' boredom by renovating a chicken coop. But when Russ drops a bombshell, Marty rolls the dice; his good intentions bringing huge uncertainty to the Counters' off-grid dream.

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