Small Time Gangster

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S1 | E8 | Airdate: 05/31/2011
Tony searches for Les without success. When he returns home, Brent pays him a visit and reveals to Tony that Les is dead — and that he knows about Tony's secret double life. Brent is a cop! He tells them he can get them out, give them new lives and give Tony everything he wants — as long as Tony testifies against Barry. Matt shows a shocked Tony the money he found. Les stole the money so they could get away clean — and he paid for it with his life. Tony is devastated. Tony tells Brent to stick his offer — he's never heard of Barry Donald. Tony tells Cathy — we're leaving, this is our chance. Cathy turns on him — how could let the scum that did this get off, without paying for what they did to Les? Isn't he supposed to be a tough guy? Tony realises she's right. Time to get a little payback and Barry's in the firing line. Tony goes to get a weapon from Gary. Meanwhile, Charlie lets it slip that Mel's pregnant — and that Tony has a family. Barry arrives at Tony's house. Tony returns home to face his worst nightmare — his family is gone! Tony confronts Barry — where are they? Barry smiles, cold and callous. He wants his money — but more importantly, he wants to tell Tony about Mel and the baby! They're going to be family! Big Jack, the boss, arrives from Sydney with Brent as his bodyguard. We learn that Brent is a crooked cop in the employ of Big Jack and that Les is alive and well, thanks to a last minute reprieve from Jack who wants Tony to take over the crew. Barry is appalled — but Jack won't take no for an answer. Cathy tells Tony, we'll bide our time and deal with Barry when things have quietened down. Barry isn't finished with this yet either — and we end with him eyeing Tony, the tension palpable. At the poolside BBQ, Tony stares in disbelief as his two families become one. Tony is trapped — he's still got the yips — but Jack just made him a rich man. They drink a toast to family — this isn't over yet!