Ghosts of Shepherdstown

SN 2 | EP 7 | What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism

The paranormal team receives an urgent call from the Shepherdstown Police Department about violent poltergeist activity reported by the owner of a local teahouse on German Street. After investigating the scene and witnessing paranormal activity for themselves, the team recruits the help of an ordained exorcist to help them verify their theory that the dark entity they've been tracking from town to town is indeed a demon. When they dig up the disturbing history of the first recorded exorcism from the late 1700's, the investigators finally learn why Shepherdstown has been the epicenter of all the recent hauntings. With help from the exorcist, the team attempts to lure the demon out so they can confront it head-on and banish the evil entity once and for all.

Available: Destination America GO, Investigation Discovery GO,, Google Play, iTunes Store, YouTube

Ghosts of Shepherdstown
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