Big & Small (Kids)

SN 2 | EP 25 | The Not So Happy Camper / Big and Small Day

Big beats Small at a board game called "The Happy Camper". Small reacts by announcing that he is better at real camping than Big and off they go on a camping trip in the garden. However, the more Small tries to prove that he is the best-ever camper guy the more his plans go awry. He gets twanged across the garden by the tent cables; a can of beans spurts over his face; he can't sing a campfire song. Meanwhile, Big turns out to be a brilliant camper. He can put up a perfect tent; collect a perfect pile of firewood; sing a perfect song. Later that night, Small tries to tell Big a spooky story but just keeps switching on a flashlight that keeps Big awake! Big decides he can't sleep in the tent and, in a bad mood, walks out. But then a cricket makes a noise outside the tent. Small tries to bat the cricket away but accidentally causes the tent to collapse instead. Big looks back to see the rumpled canvas and realizes that Small needs assistance so he turns back and helps out his friend to hustle the mosquito outside. And Small accepts that Big is the best real camper, too well, for the moment anyway! / Small wants to give Big a fantastic surprise present to celebrate the great time he has had when living in the house. He drives off to find a suitable, brilliant gift. But when Twiba tells Big that she saw Small drive away, Big thinks that Small has left for good. Big is really worried and sad until Small reappears with the present- a yummy pickle sandwich! - and announces that he has no intention of leaving: he is staying for good. And, together, they celebrate Big and Small Day.

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Big & Small (Kids)