SN 4 | EP 13 | Into The Woods

When Baby's constant whining gets to be too much for the Sinclair household to put up with, Earl decides it's time to continue a male dinosaur tradition. The father takes the infant son out into the woods, and sets him on a flat stone, and leaves him, then the baby is to learn to do for himself and make his way back home. Unfortunately after Earl, with the help of Robbie and Roy, put Baby on the stone and leave, they end up in a tar pit, which leaves them sinking helplessly while the baby is clueless as to what to do. Finding an elderly dinosaur who is seeking his now grown son he left in the woods, the Baby comes to the rescue just as the boys are about to completely sink in the tar. They find out the elder is searching for his son ""Roy"" who never made it home. Roy says that his father left him out there and he never found him, so he sees this as a sign to help the man find his son. As they leave, Robbie asks Earl, ""Do you think they'll figure it out?"" to which he responds, ""figure wh

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