90 Day Fiancé

SN 7 | EP 15 | Tell All (Part 2)

The conversation picks right up with Mike and Natalie's status as a couple. Natalie says she has lots of fears but is definitely not out of the relationship, saying they are "on hold". Mike agrees that they have a lot of problems to work out but still has hope. 90 Day veterans Angela and Michael then discuss their heartbreak over Michael's visa application getting denied. The other couples all sympathize with their struggles, calling the visa denial "their worst nightmares". Angela voices her frustration over her daughter Skyla's reaction to the denial, saying Skyla has a problem with wanting to be right. Michael says he studied the interview questions but Angela believes there is a bias in the visa process. Michael's friends Monday, Peter, and Aconde then Skype into the conversation from Nigeria. Things get heated after a clip of one of the friends calling Angela trashy is shown. Angela explodes on the three friends and refuses to continue in the discussion if the friends remain on the screen. Shaun says goodbye to the friends and tries to diffuse the situation. After the tense moment, the cast rallies around Michael and Angela. Robert chimes in, calling the friends haters and gives his respect to Michael. After calming down, Angela urges Mike to go back to Ukraine and win Natalie back. More friends enter the discussion as Blake's lifelong pals Rita and Everett Skype in. They relay how disappointed they are with Jasmin's efforts to integrate into the friend group and wish she'd be friendlier. Rita even says she felt she wasn't worth Jasmin's time. Blake claims her demeanor is a Finnish thing and that it's how they are. Jasmin ends the conversation by saying she'd like to do different activities with Rita and Everett: "No more clubs." The discussion shifts back to Mike and Natalie, this time to the tricky topic of religion. Shaun says this is the first time they've had this particular topic come up on 90 Day. Mike still believes firmly in aliens, while Natalie is still very religious and shows disappointment with what he had to say. The cast is then dying to get the bottom of why Natalie refuses to say she loves Mike. Natalie says a lot of things happened between them, but declines to get into specifics. Mike finally reveals what ultimately happened between them: he ended up staying at his best friend's house the night before her wedding, while her fiancé was not there. Natalie claims Mike lied to her about where he'd be staying, while Mike states the opposite. Natalie gets emotional but finally says she would still love Mike if this ordeal had never happened. After the discussion, Anna says Mursel may have put them in a bad situation in the past but is happy to move forward from here. Robert seems unfazed by his talk with Stephanie and doesn't care if he gets an apology from her. Blake says that despite how much his friends mean to him, they're only one part of his life and not everything. Emily is hopeful in becoming cordial with Sasha's exes after seeing Sarah and Juliana's relationship. Mike conveys his wishes to jump straight on a plane to Ukraine and repair his relationship with Natalie.

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90 Day Fiancé