1000-lb Sisters

SN 1 | EP 3 | Breaking Point

Sisters Amy and Tammy are ready to return home after a week in Atlanta to meet with bariatric surgeon Dr. Procter. Before they leave Atlanta, they try to take Dr. Procter's advice and go swimming in the hotel pool. But when Tammy sees that she would have to take a few steps down into the swimming pool, she doesn't even try and gets emotional because once again, she's left behind. Back home, the girls purge their pantry of all their favorite junk foods and must figure out how to completely change their diets after a lifetime of bad eating. After a few weeks, Tammy is struggling the most with cravings while Amy heads to the gym for the first time in her life. When Tammy blames her issues on being stuck at home and bored, Amy takes her out to get mani/pedis. But at the salon, Tammy snaps at Amy once again. Amy is tired of Tammy treating her badly, when all she does is help her. While the stress of dieting is getting to both of them, Amy also feels like Tammy is taking advantage of her so the sisters get into a huge argument that could threaten the success of their weight loss goals.

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1000-lb Sisters
Season 1