Say Yes to the Dress America

SN 1 | EP 12 | America Coming Together

After an unforgettable season, Randy sits down with Hayley to reminisce on his journey across America and the big wedding day. First, they take a look back at all of Randy's top-ten bride surprises. Though the surprises weren't easy to pull off, Randy successfully gave each of the ten brides a shock that they'll never forget. Looking back on the time he spent with them, Randy is most grateful for the brides' willingness to share their personal stories with him, such as New York bride LoAles opening up about the struggles growing up in foster care and California bride Sky revealing her trauma from sustaining an injury in the military. But through all the tears, there have also been some wild times! In Pennsylvania, bride Cassandra taught Randy how to order an authentic Philly cheesesteak and in West Virginia, bride Erin took Randy to Hillbilly Hot Dogs, where he stuck out like a sore thumb. From kayaking in Michigan to cleaning stables in Colorado, Randy made the most of his time with America's brides. Next, Randy and Hayley take a moment to reflect on how they managed to get a dress for each of the fifty-two brides. It was hectic to get all the couples to New York City for the big wedding as there were many flight delays and cancellations to go around, but, in the end, all of the brides arrived for the shopping spree at Kleinfeld. All but one, that is; the North Carolina bride Taylor arrived a day late, but was still able to say yes to her dream dress! While all the brides were off having fun visiting the most iconic locations in New York, Randy made sure the pre-wedding reception was ready. Buddy Valastro came up with an incredible idea to include an American flag donut wall as the key feature of this grand party. At the pre-wedding reception each couple donned outfits showing off their state pride, and our Nevada groom treated everyone to an original composition for his lovely bride. The next day preparations for the wedding began and chaos ensued when multiple brides expressed unhappiness with their hair and make-up. While Hayley intervened and spoke to the glam team, the brides banded together and began fixing each other's hair and make-up. With a major crisis averted, the brides put on their dresses and lined up for the processional. Before the wedding could begin, the Delaware groom fainted and the couple left Central Park together in an ambulance. After an emotional speech by Randy, the remaining fifty-one couples said "I do" in front of the Bethesda Fountain. Later, Randy surprised the Delaware couple and married them in their hotel room. One month later, the brides are grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime experience they had and the strong sisterhood they've formed.

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Say Yes to the Dress America
Season 1