Say Yes to the Dress: Australia

SN 1 | EP 6 | It's All A Puzzle

For some brides, choosing a wedding gown can be the first or the last part of the puzzle. But no matter where it fits, it's one of the toughest choices they'll have to make, and today there's the two extremes first part and the very last! GEMMA'S STORY the dress, the first part of the puzzle Gemma is a striker for New Zealand's national field Hockey team, The Black Sticks. A national Hockey Star and household name, she has played more than 200 tests for The Black Sticks, including representing New Zealand at two Olympics and two Commonwealth Games, bringing home a Silver and Bronze medal. Now, she's about to marry one of New Zealand's most eligible bachelors former Captain of the All Blacks Rugby team, Ritchie McCaw, a national hero in New Zealand, after leading the All Blacks to win back to back World Cups. They're the golden couple of New Zealand sport and for many a match made in heaven, about to deliver New Zealand with a home grown Fairy-tale Wedding! Nevertheless, Gemma is still the down to earth, genuine, easy going, happy go lucky girl, who laughs a love and hails from the small regional town of Tauranga in the North Island of New Zealand and like any other "Bride to Be", she too needs to find and choose "the perfect dress" for her big day. But does Gemma feel more pressure than any other "Bride to Be" because the eyes of an entire nation and virtually the world will be waiting and watching with bated breath to see what she'll be wearing, when she walks down the aisle to marry World Rugby Cup legend Ritchie McCaw? Turns out, the only crowd Gemma truly worries, or cares about, when it comes to finding and choosing the perfect wedding dress is her Entourage, comprised of Mum and three cousins, Nicole, Lydia & Jessica. They prove to be, as Gemma calls them, "a tough crowd" and as expected, don't let Gemma down in the honesty stakes! BELINDA'S STORY the dress the last part of the puzzle Belinda's in the biz, she makes wedding invitations and when it comes to her own wedding she's locked off everything except the dress. This means the perfect dress needs to match the perfect venue, the perfect theme, the bridesmaids' perfect dresses, the groom and groomsmen's perfect suits, and most importantly the perfect black Swarovski crystal embossed invitations Belinda has designed that cost $400 each to make! She's a self confessed perfectionist, she has the vision and it's got to be picture perfect for the big day. Belinda's a tough customer, and with her honest brother on the couch, throwing comments like "wow that's the Swiss army knife of dresses", it certainly makes for an interesting day in the salon! CODIANNE'S STORY Cody is marrying her best friend Mitchell. They have known each other for years and finally to the delight of friends and family have decided to tie the knot. While the proposal wasn't grand the wedding is making up for it. Cody has organised two owls to fly in and deliver the rings. It will be perfect and so will her Disney inspired dress that just needs the hem and the bustle altered so she can dance the night away in her van skate shoes donned with the 101 Dalmatians design! What could possibly go wrong?

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Say Yes to the Dress: Australia
Season 1