Unbreakable: Survivors Speak

SN 1 | EP 5 | Gabby's Nightmare

In March 2011, 19-year-old Gabby McKenzie thought she'd heard the last of her abusive ex-boyfriend, Andy Wilson. He'd gone silent since she filed a restraining order against him five weeks earlier, fearing he was stalking her. Gabby fell into a sense of peace with her father, John, her one-year-old son with Andy, Layne, and new boyfriend, Patrick Pittman. But in the middle of the night March 30, Wilson snuck into John's house and viciously stabbed Gabby, John and Patrick. Gabby was the only survivor. Now, through home video, she talks about the men she calls her two angels. Plus, we see exclusive courtroom video showing Gabby on the stand during Wilson's trial, and a police interview conducted with Wilson the night of the attack.

Available: Investigation Discovery GO

Unbreakable: Survivors Speak
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