Bakugan: Battle Planet

SN 3 | EP 14 | Kung Fu Master/A Battle of Popularity

Kung Fu Master: Dan's first match-up of the Bakugan battle league is the Chinese Champion Brawler: Zhao. His opponent is a deeply focused, and serious brawler, who uses Kung Fu techniques in battle. It's going to take all Dan and Drago's focus and strength to get through this opponent!/A Battle of Popularity: Shun and Wynton's first match-ups in the Bakugan battle league take place at the same time. Even though they're not battling each other, Wynton can't help getting a little competitive with Shun, bragging that he can get the crowd cheering louder than Shun. The brawls quickly turn into a popularity contest, instead of a Bakugan battle!

Available: Cartoon Network

Bakugan: Battle Planet