Celebrity Animal Encounters

SN 1 | EP 3 | Danny Trejo's Dog Rescue

When Rob Corddry's wife brings home an illegal pet hedgehog for his daughters to cherish and love, he and his family worry their criminal behavior will land them in the slammer. How long can they harbor their adorable fugitive? Character actor, Danny Trejo, and his buddies reveal they have hearts of gold as they search all over LA to find the owner of a suicidal dog they rescued from a busy street. 90's heartthrob and star of She's All That, Rachael Leigh Cook, adopts a brother and sister pair of Russian Blue cats from a cat fair, but when she gets them home, the male cat, Lewis terrorizes her home. Will she ever be able to get this arrogant cat under control?

Available: Animal Planet GO, iTunes Store

Celebrity Animal Encounters
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Season 1