The Great Christmas Light Fight

SN 6 | EP 5 | Episode 5

See the Medhurst family with their high-tech, do-it-yourself display, holding 30,000 lights on the roof and 3D-printed, one-of-a-kind light fixtures in Greeley, Colorado; the Gilley family with their legacy-carrying mechanical display gone wild, including a moving elephant, alligator, dinosaur, and more in Ballplay, Alabama; the Chuchla house, where every piece of furniture in the house is removed to display wall-to-wall Christmas, inside and out, in Phoenix, Arizona; and the Smith family, a mother and son-in-law duo who come together once a year from across the country to create an incredible hybrid North Pole light display in Temecula, California. Judge Carter Oosterhouse chooses the winner.


The Great Christmas Light Fight
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