The Murder Castle

SN 1 | EP 3 | Fight or Flight

Master scam artist and serial murderer Dr. H.H. Holmes becomes known as America's first serial killer. But, as proprietor of Chicago's World's Fair Hotel, his only goal was The American Dream. His pursuit of happiness became possible with the building he designed and outfitted as the perfect instrument of torture and death. He's racked up quite the body count, while also accumulating substantial debt. Soon, he can no longer throw off the growing number of investigators, creditors, and victims' family who show up wanting answers. Holmes resolves to leave town, but not before he can raise new cash to fund his new venture. After he meets, marries, and murders a failed actress, he discovers it was all for naught. That's when he desperately swindles his closest associate in an elaborate life insurance scam, involving a dead body-double and a fatal double-cross. Little does Holmes know, it's the ones he leaves alive who'll finally bring him down.

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The Murder Castle
Season 1