90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

SN 4 | EP 15 | The NeverEnding Story

Varya and Mary have a heated exchange, and eventually Varya asks Mary to speak alone. Geoffrey explains to Mary that he didn't know Varya planned to travel to Knoxville. Varya tells Geoffrey he needs to make a choice. Will Varya's wish of a second proposal come true? David has been in Kiev for 8 days and wants an answer about their future before he leaves. But Lana has been hot and cold, leaving David anxious about whether or not to propose. The two decide to meet for dinner, where David pours his heart out and presents Lana with a surprise. As David's trip comes to an end Lana sees him off at the airport. They talk about how they've grown closer, but when it comes time to say goodbye, David isn't ready to leave the love of his life behind. Lisa is back in their hotel room after a big fight with Usman's brothers. Usman is embarrassed but it's too late to pull out of the wedding now. The next morning, Usman fears there is still time for his family to disapprove. Will they say 'I do?' Or will his family stop them from even walking down the aisle? Ed has been home for a few weeks and today he is picking up his daughter Tiffany to catch up, and hopefully win back her trust. They walk and talk by the waterfront and have the opportunity to be candid with one another. Ed apologizes and hopes she can forgive him. Stephanie is no longer speaking to Erika, but keeping her experience with Erika a secret from her mother is taking a toll on Stephanie. She is ready to tell her mother about her sexuality. She's scared, but she is tired of hiding this part of her life. Yolanda and her kids are quarantined at home in Las Vegas. Yolanda recently communicated with Williams and Karra is upset her mother still has feelings towards him. She decides to reach out to a private investigator to get to the bottom of Williams once and for all. It's been a few weeks since Darcey ended things with Tom and blocked him, but a couple of messages from Tom have found their way to Darcey's inbox. Stacey reassures Darcey that she will always have her back and that her next chapter is going to be bigger and brighter.

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days