Killer Women with Piers Morgan

SN 2 | EP 5 | Amber Wright

Every adolescent has dealt with the fallout from the break-up of their first romance: the tears, heartbreak, rowing matches and spats on social media; but not many will have gone to the lengths that Amber Wright went in April 2011 to get her ex out of her life. Only weeks after turning 15, Amber lured her former sweetheart, Seath Jackson to his death: a brutal slaying that sent shockwaves across the small, closely knit community of Summerfield, Florida. A police investigation revealed a grisly story of an innocent teenage boy being beaten, shot, kneecapped... his corpse burnt and remains thrown in a quarry. The crime was quickly established as a group enterprise. But in a fascinating set of filmed police interrogations it soon emerges that Amber was a central player in the plot. She had lured her ex-boyfriend to the trailer where Seath was butchered; then with her friends, callously cleared up the crime scene before watching as her ex-boyfriend's mutilated body was incinerated in a 20ft high backyard funeral pyre. In a tense encounter, Piers seeks to find out how Amber could have been involved in a truly evil and shocking crime. He also meets Seath's parents for whom the raging grief still burns at the indescribably cruel loss of their son. Was this merely an adolescent spat that spiraled into horrific, impulsive violence, or is the striking young woman who sits before Piers actually a cold-hearted killer?

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Killer Women with Piers Morgan