Little People, Big World

SN 14 | EP 8 | Who's Afraid of Baby Lilah?

Tori struggles with her C-section recovery as Roloff family and friends gather in the hospital to meet baby Lilah. When Jackson is introduced to his new baby sister, things don't go as well as expected so Zach and Tori worry that Jackson may never warm up to Lilah. Chris and Amy butt heads as they prepare a meal for Zach and Tori. Later the two figure out how to work together as they paint a wall in Amy's new house. Meanwhile, Matt and Caryn do their best to keep up with Jackson and Matt finds himself facing the challenge of changing Jackson's diaper alone. Back at Zach and Tori's house, it's Zach and Tori party of four! How will Jackson adjust to Lilah now that his parents are home? A couple of weeks later we catch up with the family and learn how Lilah is adjusting to life as a Roloff.

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Little People, Big World