SN 1 | EP 80 | Capitulo 80

Jade hits Angie over the head from behind, and Angie begins acting strangely. Pablo and Germán call the police on Jade and Matías for what they did to Angie. Francesca tells Violetta that she will step out of Violetta and Tomás' way and let them love each other freely without guilt. Violetta continues to say her goodbyes to her friends and family. Luca loses his voice when he gets nervous, but Rafa Palmer cures him. Germán, Violetta, Olga, and Ramallo head for the airport. The day of the final show arrives, and Gregorio continues to plot on how to sabotage it. Angie records a message for Germán and includes a recording of Violetta singing. Antonio dismisses Gregorio after he discovers that Gregorio was trying to sabotage the show. Germán takes Violetta back to the theatre and lets her perform in the final show. A record producer likes the boys' act and gives them his card. Tomás tells Violetta that he is planning to return to Spain. Antonio has Violetta sing the final song, and Violetta invites Ludmila to return and sing with the group.

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Season 1