Fast N' Loud

SN 16 | EP 2 | Wranglin' World Records

Richard Rawlings joins forces with Hollywood icon Gary Sinise on a charitable mission to set a world record at Barrett Jackson to raise money for our troops. Part two of this two-part episode begins with the arrival of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler the Monkeys must build for Gary Sinise to reveal on Veteran's Day. This means the Monkeys only have nine days to customize this second Jeep with all the bells and whistles to make it a mobile billboard for the Gary Sinise Foundation. The Monkeys need to kick it into overdrive because on top of that, the 1981 CJ7 hasn't even made it to paint. First, the Monkeys work out transmission issues and get a rolling chassis on the CJ7. The body, tub and panels go to Mike Coy to start the high-profile paint job. There's going to be a lot of eyes on this at Barrett Jackson so the pressure is on to get the throwback stars and stripes look that'll raise the most money for the wounded veterans. And with only a few days before their deadline, there's no time for Mike and the paint crew to make mistakes. Next, the garage gets a surprise guest as Sean Adams from American Warrior Garage joins them. The Monkeys could use an extra set of hands on knocking out the two Jeeps and Sean is up for the task. And Richard adds a final token of recognition on the '81 CJ7.The Jeep crosses the block at Barrett Jackson with Hollywood actor Gary Sinise hosting the bidding war. Richard watches closely to see if his Gas Monkey brand will set a world record.Meanwhile, Richard makes a deal on a black and white 1955 Crown Victoria seeing as it was the first car his Dad ever owned. The plan is to clean it up and give it some new tires and donate it to Gas Monkey Foundation. But first, the Monkeys need to get it road-worthy so Richard can take his dad for a ride just like the old days.

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Fast N' Loud