Lizzie McGuire

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S2 | E34 | Airdate: 02/14/2004
One day after school Lizzie and Miranda are working on their makeup when they happen to see an old childhood favorite ""Clover and Daisy's Magic Train"" on TV. At first both try to dismiss any interest in the ""kiddie"" program but finally admit it's still one of their favorites. When Lizzie and Miranda discover that it will be in their town they decide it would be fun to attend a taping of the show. But there's a problem, what would people think of two teenagers attending a children's program? Their solution is to find a child who wants to see the program and they can baby-sit. Lizzie and Miranda's first option is Matt, but he's too old for such a baby show and quickly turns them down because he's working on ""The McGuire Museum of Dirt, Stains and Grime."" Next they try to get Gordo's four year old cousin, Taylor, but his family has moved out of town, so things are looking hopeless. Gordo asks what do they need a young child for so Lizzie and Miranda tell him about Clover and Daisy. Gord