My 600-Lb. Life
S8 | E14 | Airdate: 04/01/2020
Megan Davis is only 24, but she has the health condition of someone twice that age. Her food addiction has gotten so bad that she can hardly travel 30 minutes in the car to visit her father who lives at an assisted living facility, and Megan's mother might have been a nurse, but that doesn't mean she knows what Megan needs to be healthy. She only knows what makes Megan happy, and that's eating. But now things have gotten so bad that if Megan doesn't get help soon, then she's not going to be around long enough to ever leave the nest. So mother and daughter must travel from Illinois to Houston to meet with Dr. Now, to try to get Megan on the right track to change her eating habit and reverse the damage she's done to her body while there's still time. But Megan is about to learn that changes in her life will be slow to occur unless her mother is willing to change also, and unless mother and daughter both wake up to the dangers of the toxic cycle of codependent enabling, then not even Dr. Now's program will be enough to help Megan get her life on track.

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