Say Yes to the Dress

S18 | E10 | Airdate: 09/14/2019
Randy's niece Danielle is looking for a wedding gown and, with the surname Fenoli, there's no one better to turn to than her Uncle Randy! Danielle loves her uncle's designs and is soon torn between two of his ball gowns. Unsure how to decide, she trusts her uncle to help steer her toward the one that's truly captured her heart. In a final gesture of avuncular love, Randy surprises her by making the gown his gift and everyone is in tears! Bride Tracey comes in with an unusual dress request and plenty of family drama! Randy's barely introduced himself when the bride breaks into tears - starting an appointment this way is a first for the seasoned bridal expert! He soon learns that mom has been sabotaging every appointment by calling the fiancé in, even though Tracey does not want him to see her dress until the wedding day! Why? Because the bride wants black while mom and the fiancé would like to see her wear white. Randy and new consultant James must not only find the perfect colored gown, they need to get mom and daughter on the same page, not to mention ensuring that the fiancé does not come barging in - they may be in over their heads this time! At the end of the day, Randy reminds Ronnie that he's about to set out on his nationwide tour surprising brides around the country for Say Yes to the Dress America. Danielle's wedding in Steamboat Springs, CO sees Randy bunking with two of his brothers and reminiscing about getting up to trouble... just like old times!

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