Tristan Thompson Threatened To KILL HIMSELF As News Broke Out Of Jordyn Woods Cheating Scandal!

06/24/2019 | 6 min | NOT-RATED
Part One of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians FINALLY happened and we learned A LOT. Like the fact Tristan Thompson threatened to hurt himself after news of the scandal broke and that Jordyn Woods NEVER apologized. While we’re on the topic of the finale I also have the details on how Jordyn and Tristan feel watching the scandal play out. PLUS…That’s not the only Kar-Jenner news we need to discuss. I need to fill you guys in on Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s wild night out with Sofia Richie this weekend. Along with the fact that we’ve learned more details about Kourtney and Scott’s solo trip last week…turns out Sofia didn’t miss out by choice…yeah clearly you can tell we have a lot to discuss so stay right here to catch up.