Killing Fields

S3 | E8 | Airdate: 02/22/2018
The exciting season finale of Killing Fields starts off with an operation 13 years in the making. After countless hours of work on the Johnnie Tynes Sr. homicide case, Investigators at the Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office are finally ready to put the suspected killer behind bars -Johnnie's son, Trabion Tynes. Trabion failed his polygraph exam, and his ex-wife, Shameka, admits seeing him kill his father. After obtaining a warrant for Trabion's arrest, Lieutenant Tommy Potter wishes his team a safe mission as they embark out to bring Trabion into custody. The investigators feel justice has finally been served for Johnnie Tynes, and now Trabion will have his day in court. With one case down, investigators turn their attention to their other 13-year-old cold case -Carrie Singer. A new suspect came into the picture after Potter got a tip from an anonymous caller. According to the caller, the suspect had previously spoken suspiciously about Carrie's case. Investigators also agree that he bares a strong resemblance to the Parabon Snapshot composite sketch, and after paying a visit to his ex-wife, learned that he has a shady past filled with secrets and lies. They obtained a warrant for his DNA and sent it off to DNA Labs International to be analyzed.Unfortunately, investigators receive an update from DNA Labs International that this suspect is not a match to either unknown male profile from Carrie's case.12 The team is frustrated to hityet another dead-end. Investigator Randy Patrick, who has encountered numerous disappointments like in the past 13 years, suggests that they turn back to where reopening the case all started -the inmate at Wallens Ridge State Prison.This inmate, who isserving a life sentence for homicide, had written Potter letters claiming to know who killed Carrie.3When Randy and Investigator Kris Coughlin interviewed the inmate previously, he suggested that two men were responsible for Carrie's death. But, he refused to reveal their identities unless the investigators helped him reduce his sentence, something they do not have the ability to do.The investigators are reluctant to go back to the inmate, but with no other new leads, decide that it's their only optionat this point. Patty Lord, Carrie's mother, agrees to record a video message for the inmate, pleading for him to reveal the potential killers' identities. With this video in hand, the team makes another trip out to Wise County, VA. Will the inmate finallycrack? Working this case has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs for Randy and his teammates. They've made some big strides; they just need to find a DNA match for the unknown male profiles. Carrie's killer has been walking the streets for too long, and just like Johnnie Tynes, she deserves justice.1Results from DNA Labs International (2017)2Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office Materials -Carrie Singer Case File (2004)3Chesapeake Circuit Court -Criminal Division -Keith Bradshaw Case Details (2010) These are active homicide investigations, shot in real time and individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Note: Years are calculated based on 2017 air.

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