2017 | 124 min | NOT-RATED
Dalida is an intimate portrait based on the real story of a strong, fiercely independent, and liberated woman whose 30-year successful career (more than 170 million albums sold) was punctuated by tragic events with no-less than three of her lovers committing suicide. Her life ended abruptly when, in 1987, she herself took her own life; leaving a note to her fans: "Life has become unbearable for me... Forgive me." The films takes us on a journey from her difficult childhood as an Italian in Egypt during World War 2 all the way to the summits of stardom and through her final moments. This exceptional destiny, as flamboyant as it is tragic, is beautifully recounted by Lisa Azuelos by carefully matching some of the artist's best songs such as Bang Bang, Paroles Paroles, and Avec Le Temps to name a few. The film will give Dalida fans an unprecedented opportunity to witness the most important moments of her life, while allowing others to discover the destiny of one of the most modern, liberated, and talented woman of the 20th century.